Vibrancy is at the same time a MOVEMENT, a COMMUNITY and a NETWORK

In VIBRANCY we are co-investing with Organizations, Networks and
Communities to actively impact business outcomes and social relations


VIBRANCY sees, reads and interprets the market today, and its future evolution, as a dynamic interconnection of socioeconomic phenomena in permanent transformation, with consistent trends that pose identifiable challenges


New labor and social relations resulting from generative contributions of individual and collectives, integral development, individual freedom, self-responsibility, agency, and increasing awareness of others’ beliefs and will


Complexity in future dynamics resulting from the integrated evolution of the economy and society, with Organizations being the place that manifests the future


Network dynamics resulting from a strategic-systemic perspective with systemic collaborative capacity, overcoming complexity through impactful interactions and interdependence

We are all Homo lumens, and we meet each other out of that understanding. By accepting this gesture, we commit to act from intention and ownership as a steward of abundance. We commit to engage by invoking and inviting co-construction, and to walk the path of sacred tangibilization that allows us to manifest results. The generative system of transformational interconnection is what allows us to connect with the potential of Homo lumens to co-construct impactful results, which in turn feeds intention with the insights from tangibilization

Vibrancy is a CHOICE


Vibrancy started as a Movement of people sharing experiences and observations related with organizational and social innovation. The movement evolved and at the same time a Community of professionals emerged inspired by the observed behaviors and research of the Institute for Strategic Clarity. Nowadays a structured Network of professionals comes together to apply the knowledge and best practices of the community. We are deeply committed with Vibrancy’s purpose, we align our practice with Vibrancy’s ethics and principles, and we are actively co-investing in the development of capacities to intervene at the economic and social level. Find out more about the observed behavior that inspired us