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Invitation to Contribute to Vibrancy Knowledgebase

Hi!  As an active member of one of the global communities that support Vibrancy efforts (Vibrancy, ISC/CHOICE), we invite you to join us in the next stage of our global community, creating a network of people working with and evolving ecosynomics through (1) the Strategic Clarity strategic systems framework and (2) the abundance-based agreements framework. The intention is to share what we are learning in our work with agreements and strategic systems collaboration.

We want all of you to share the stories of your experiences in this work.  We are sharing these stories through video interviews.  We invite you to learn more about the work of your Vibrancy colleagues by interviewing them, adding to our shared knowledgebase.

We start with a 20-minute video interview, where we explore some of the key elements and insights from a specific project. We share this video interview, with supplemental documents from the project.  To start you off, this page provides:

  • The knowledgebase interview process
  • video explaining the process
  • Links to example interviews in the knowledgebase
  • Time for Zoom call for Q&A
  • How to submit your knowledgebase interviews


The Knowledgebase Interview Process

  1. We invite you to create a user account on (in the upper-right corner of the site), where you will upload and share the interviews.
  2. Look at the list of interviews in the GoogleSheet []
  3. Pick someone to interview, placing your name in the “Interviewer” column of the GoogleSheet
  4. Set up the Interview Date with the “Interviewee”
  5. Gather the following information before the interview
    1. Basic demographics
      1. Sectors – business, government, civil society, intersectoral
      2. Industries – ICB industry classification code
      3. Levels-scale – group size from small (<10), medium (10-1,000), large (>1,000), multi-organizational network in local, statewide, regional, national, multinational, global
      4. Stakeholders involved
      5. Countries and languages – where applied and language of process and documents
    2. Project specifics
      1. Contact email and LinkedIn url for project lead
      2. Dates of interactions of project
      3. Processes used – agreements mapping, agreements health check survey, strategic clarity mapping, individual transformational journeys, and others
      4. Deeper shared purpose and behavior-over-time graph -- what was the objective of the initiative?, what context was the group in to need this process?
  6. Explore the following during the 20-minute recorded video interview
    1. 2-min sharing of basic demographics and project specifics (shared online as well)
    2. Process overview
      1. Before | Pre-Project
        1. How did you put together the project team?
        2. How much time, in elapsed months and hours worked, did you estimate?  The total cost and income estimated?
      2. During | Project Development
        1. What out-of-the-ordinary difficulties were experienced during the project? Constraints or unexpected obstacles?
        2. How did you overcome these difficulties?
      3. After | Post-Project
        1. How would you change what you did, to achieve 100% performance?
        2. How would you change how you formed the project team?
    3. Key insights
    4. Key experiences or shifts in the participants
    5. Potential and documented impacts
      1. Were the purposes versus results (both) defined with clarity and objectivity? Were any metrics used?
      2. What were the impacts or expected results?
      3. Have the expected impacts and results been achieved? To 100%, less, more?
      4. If 100% were not achieved, why? What were the reasons for not being able to?
      5. What were the deviations in the estimates made (time, costs, revenues) and why?
  7. Gather and upload the following documents, if available and shareable 
    1. Recording of 20-minute video interview (video and audio versions)
    2. Picture from the interview
    3. Project proposal
    4. Process overview
    5. Specific processes and steps
    6. Maps (strategic clarity, agreements evidence, survey)
    7. Presentations (maps, analysis, process)
    8. Vibrancy write-ups, publications (articles, blogs), press


Video Explaining the Process


Links to Example Interviews in the Knowledgebase

You can see example interviews and the information provided in the knowledgebase on the site at (


Time for Zoom Call for Q&A

We will have a Question and Answer session about the interview process.


How to Submit Your Knowledgebase Interviews

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the "Sign Up" link, on the top-right of the menu bar, to create an account and profile.
  3. Click on the "Login" link, on the top-right of the menu bar, to log into your account, from where you will submit your interview.
  4. Go to the following URL (coming soon) to load the information, video/audio, and documents for your interview.