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Co-investment in ISC's Strategic SCAN Lab

Vibrancy co-invests in the Institute for Strategic Clarity’s Strategic SCAN Lab, which is prototyping, testing, and refining the Strategic SCAN protocol, a process and set of tools for assessing a group’s level of:

  • Systems understanding
  • Collaborative capacity
  • Network readiness



Vibrancy provides the Strategic SCAN Lab with its Due Diligence processes, which: (1) assess an initiative's capacity to collaborate and its network readiness; and (2) develop the co-investor's capacity to recognize and assess an initiative's capacity to collaborate and network readiness.


The benefits of this process include:

  • The What – a high-level assessment of an initiative's capacity to collaborate and its network readiness, and the capacity of the co-investor to assess an initiative's capacity to collaborate and its network readiness

  • The Who – the co-investor and the initiatives being assessed

  • The Co-investment – due diligence on the capacity of an initiative to engage in the co-leadership and development of a collaborative network        



The Strategic SCAN assessment has been described in ISC’s CHOICE PICNIC whitepapers:


The Strategic SCAN consists of 8 assessments.

  Assessment Process Video Explaining the Assessment More Detail on the Process
1 Experience Agreements Health Check survey video survey page
2 Agreements Agreements Evidence Map video blogpost, handbook
3 Systemic Leverage Systemic Leverage Index video workshop 
4 Epimemetics Metamemetic Map video blogpost
5 Cohosting capacity Cohosting Roaming Space video article
6 Impact eCubed video blogpost
7 Resilience Resilience Geometry video blogpost
8 Benefits-costs of shift Costs of Scarcity video whitepaper



You can find out more about how to engage and co-invest in the Strategic SCAN research process on ISC’s Strategic SCAN Lab page.